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Tationna Russell (she/her) c/o 2024

Tationna Russell (she/her) c/o 2024, Chief Editor

I'm 16, I prefer to spend my time being around people just because I'm an extrovert. I look forward to coming to school because I'm excited to start my career as a surgeon. I enjoy helping people with the things they need me to help them with. I'm honestly an easy person to get along with because I don't try to hide who I am, I'm naturally a blunt person (I like to speak my mind).

I hope to better my writing skills in ways that I wasn't able to before

The compass is vital to our school because it keeps students and staff up to date with relevant information that's going on around school.

Journalism is an essential skill because in the future when people look at your schooling records, they'll see that you took journalism which would mean you're a pretty good writer and since most schools look for good writing, journalism helps a lot.

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Tationna Russell (she/her) c/o 2024