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Hassan Al-Ghazali (He, Him), Staffer

Some of my hobbies are hangout with family and friends and we may do some fun activities like riding Minibikes or going to Seattle. Also, working out at the gym is another activity I like. When I am home I usually play video games or watch shows that I'm interested in.

A few things I want to accomplish in Journalism are writing stories for our school and going around to meet people or staff I haven't yet already.

The Compass is an important part of our school because it's our very own school news that students get to run. It shares news about or related to our school with every student attending here.

Journalism is an important skill to have since it relates to media which is a very big part of our world. If you ever wanted to get into media Journalism could be a great start. Also, when applying for certain jobs some places may like the fact that you were in Journalism.

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Hassan Al-Ghazali (He, Him)