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Brian Truongle (He/Him) 9th Grade

Brian Truongle (He/Him) 9th Grade, Staffer

I love to blast music on my speaker and "vibe out" on my free time. After school I run track, but I mostly play basketball.

Anytime I'm not doing school work and I'm home, I either go out with friends or just relax in my room, it really helps with being able to stay composed and in control of the things I do even when times hard.

One of my hobbies is solving Rubix Cubes, I have various sizes of cubes ranging from 4x4 to 2x2. I even have a miniature 3x3 cube that doesn't turn that well. My fastest solve on a normal 3x3 cube is 12.4 seconds, but recently my times have been no where close to that.

I think Journalism is a great thing at Mariner just because it allows people to stay in the loop about things going on at our school.

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Brian Truongle (He/Him) 9th Grade