Staff Profile: Ms. MacDonald


Ms. Macdonald

Rafael Sanchez (he,him) 9th, Staffer

As the year comes to a close the purchase and delivery of preordered yearbooks has rolled around and many find the cover, design, and much more about them to be appealing. one aspect of the yearbook that is often overlooked and underappreciated is the team and teacher behind the yearbook. 

The teacher who teaches the yearbook class is often considered to be the “coolest teacher ever.” She also happens to be one of the most primordial, having worked here since the 2001-2002 school year. This teacher is of course the beloved Ms. Macdonald. 

Coinciding with yearbook Ms. MacDonald also used to teach journalism class (formally newspaper) that made the school newspaper. “When I did the newspaper, it was a hard copy paper it wasn’t online, I think the last couple of years we did a little online but not that much,” in just this one sentence you can already see that the newspaper of MacDonald’s time was much different than that under the current reign of Mr. Beachy. Elaborating on her times as newspaper teacher she says, ” Back then it was called the Natsilane but my students would see it and call it Nazi Lane and so we revised it to the Marauder Journal.” When asked about how long she taught newspaper Macdonald responds by pointing at club photos and saying, “eight years from 2008 to 2016.” 

MacDonald’s magnum opus, however, is Yearbook and when I asked her about it, she responds by saying ” I’ve been doing yearbook since my first-year teaching but at mariner, my first year here was the 2002 yearbook but I did it at my other school also.” After being asked about her endeavors before Mariner she adds “It was a school in Eastern Washington called Kettle Falls, small school.” With this past in Kettle falls and current longevity at Mariner Ms. Macdonald’s total teaching career was brought into question and she responds by saying “I’ve been teaching since 1992 so twenty… wait… thirty… twenty… thirty-first year God I’m old!” 

With all this time spent teaching the inquiry of her funniest or craziest memory was brought up and she responds by saying “Oh my God I need time to think about that, there are a lot of inappropriate ones that I can’t let out yeah… Just mistakes. Oh! My first year here a student threw a desk at me.” When asked why Macdonald explains “Because he wanted to go see the principal and I wouldn’t let him, and he was writing a note and I took it, so he threw a desk at me, and he missed.” 

Because Ms. Macdonald has been teaching for so long retirement is an imminent threat and when asked about her legacy, she says that “I probably want to be remembered for not being too serious. Because I think learning should be fun and if it’s too serious then it’s definitely not fun.” Segueing from there, Ms. Macdonald has also been described as “the coolest teacher ever” and I wanted to know why she herself thinks she holds that title “I have no idea, probably for the reason I just said I don’t take too much seriously.” 

Ms. Macdonald’s final words from her interview are answers to the golden question. Why does she do her hair like that? “I honestly don’t remember why I did it. It’s been like two years now, I always liked messy hair that you don’t have to do a lot to it.” Sadly, however, her Guy Fieri hair will be no more as Macdonald says, “I think I’m going to try to grow it out this summer and we’ll see what happens.”