Mariner’s Track Team Heads to State

Season Recap

Jaquan Means places 2nd in 4x100m Relay race

Jaquan Means places 2nd in 4x100m Relay race

Brian Truongle (He/Him) 9th Grade, Staffer

During spring season, Track and Field started up with a growing amount of students, ages ranging from freshmen all the way to seniors. With a large and solid track team, the coaches felt that the 2021-2022 track season would hold lots of potential for the following years. Not only that but also what type of athletes does Mariner High school contain.

Since the beginning of the season, there were personal records (PR’s) all over the place. Where freshmen’s who never ran track before were running times under 13 seconds, to seniors and juniors leading Mariner’s track team with some of the fastest times in WESCO. With these astronomical accomplishments Mariner was put on many local school’s radars.

In the district that Mariner High school was in, WESCO, there were less schools to compete against. Even so, Mariner High still had lots of competition to go up against including Kamiak High school which is neighboring school Mariner has had a rivalry with for quite some time now. There is another group of districts called KINCO, which is more so closer to Snohomish so there are more school in that district.

While the track season progressed more and more athletes from Mariner were continuously hitting more PR’s not just in running events, but in field events as well. Angela Rodriguez-something not only excels in the 100 meter dash and other running events, but also did very well in women’s long jump. She was getting if not 1st, top 3 in long jump out of the whole meet through out the season and didn’t waver even at league meets. League meets are qualifying meets that decide if you’ll make it to district meets, which eventually leads to state.

Yes, some of the more popular events like the 100, 200, and 400 meter dash are most known and looked at. Some other events like 110, and 300 hurdles are also a little popular considering that hurdles are one the first events at any meet. Even jumping over a hurdle might seem easy, being able to go over them at top speed makes the difference between a hurdler and a normal sprinter.

A junior going into his senior year, Jaquan Means, runs the 110 hurdles, 100m dash, and on the varsity team for our 4x100m dash relay team. He excels above anyone else on the team with his top speed and is very exceptional at hurdling. Though he is very fast and placed number 2 in WESCO at the beginning of the season, there were still lots of competition waiting for him at district meets, and even more competition at state. This is where he really meets challenging opponents and even though Jaquan is finishing with great times of 15 seconds flat on 110m hurdles and placing top 5 in 300m hurdles, he barley crawled his way up the podium to be able to compete in state.

Even though only a few athletes from Mariner qualified for state, there were still some talents that had an amazing track season. One of those athletes is Stephen Anderson, one of the excellent freshmen hurdlers on Mariner’s track team. Even though he committed to hurdling and barley didn’t qualify for state by seconds, but this doesn’t mean he wasn’t a fast runner. Stephen, or some might know him as Steven, was the second fastest freshmen and the fastest freshmen hurdler on the team. Not only that but for majority of the season Steven was #1 freshmen hurdler for WESCO for most of the season until someone from an opposing school dethroned him weeks before the end of the season. The only other freshmen that was faster than Steven however, goes by the name of Jaydeon Am.

Jaydeon was the fastest freshmen on Mariner’s 2021-2022 track team with a time of 12.45 seconds in the 100 meter dash. For comparison on average, most freshmen’s this year ran times ranging from 12.7 second to 13.8 seconds. These margins of times and spilt second differences can decide if you win a race or not, so being faster than 1 second faster than your local competition is phenomenal. Even though Jaydeon was able to run faster than the majority in district for his age, he was always up against athletes older than him. Even with his fast times he couldn’t compete with the seniors and juniors running on average close to or under 12 seconds. This gives him great practice for future races, but his season would end when he made it to the distract meets, where he could no longer stand up against his opponents who took his spot in the state track meet.

For some, the year has flown by their heads. For others their year felt like it was just beginning. No matter what the outcome was, sports in general and track specifically had a lot of talent and great experiences that came with it.