DuChesne Leaves Mariner

Taken from the school site.

Taken from the school site.

Hassan Al-Ghazali (He, Him), Staffer

Nathan DuChesne has been the principal at Mariner High School for 9 years. However, as we near the end of the year DuChesne announced that he will be taking up another position at his Alma Mater to be a principal. Originally a student of Snohomish High School DuChesne has worked in education for 31 years with them mostly at schools like Kashmere, LaKannor, Stanwood, Mountain View, and Vancouver before coming to Mariner. Although Mariner will soon be saying goodbye to DuChesne and experience the arrival of a new principal; DuChense believes in the family atmosphere here at Mariner with staff and students that everyone has each other’s back.

DuChesne relates his journey as an educator to an administrator and the impact he hopes to make.

“I had a few teachers that were very influential on my life. The seeds were planted in Snohomish for me to become an educator.” DuChesne said, “I saw the impact school administration has on the school culture. I saw my next calling.”

Leaving Mariner is bittersweet DuChesne says and it’s also been difficult these past few weeks.

“The worst part is knowing I’m going to leave students and staff I care about; go back home and lead the school I went to,” said DuChesne.

He also firmly believes that school as a whole is a community and is built upon by the family.

“I also know school isn’t about one person,” said DuChesne. “I’ve really enjoyed learning about students, their culture, their identity, where they’ve come from, and what they have gone through to get here.”

DuChesne also expresses his thoughts to students who are unsure about him or the next principal.

“I don’t know a lot of students typically I know the seniors. I imagine some of the students don’t know me very well but I think there’s always from a student’s perspective just a bit unnerving not knowing who the next principal is but, students can adjust and find a new person to lead the building,” said DuChesne.

DuChesne is going to miss the staff and students that he’s worked with over these 9 years and believes he’s worked with an amazing set of staff that is determined.

“Also I’m going to miss the staff, I think the staff here at Mariner are here for a reason. They want to improve the lives of students education. It’s a joy for a principal to work with staff like that,” said DuChesne.

After years at Mariner DuChesne believes he has improved as a person overall and has learned a lot about his leadership. He hopes that will continue to lead as best as he can for Snohomish taking what he learned from here.

“The biggest thing is that being at Mariner for 9 years has really changed my worldview and educational lens. You see inequities and you just fight to try to make things better for people,” DuChesne said. “I’m a better person for being here. I hope my leadership working on equity, that leadership will go with me wherever I am. I have a different lens on life.”

DuChesne plans to take his time and enjoy his work as an administrator. After working so long and learning so much he’ll only retire when he feels that he can’t give more. Although he wants to really make this last year finish off on a good note.

“I’ll retire from education when I feel like I can’t give more. I’m going to take it one year at a time and try to have fun,” said DuChesne. “I’m trying to focus on the seniors I really want to finish off strong.”