Mariner at Threat of Shooting

Kids Running out of Uvalde Elementary during a School Shooting

Kids Running out of Uvalde Elementary during a School Shooting

Miguel Hernandez (He,Him), Advertising Specialist

On May 24th, 2022 an 18-year-old high school student in Uvalde, Texas,  Armed with an AR platform rifle shot his grandma in the face, stole her vehicle, and continued to drive to an elementary school armed. He then crashed the vehicle into a ditch at the school and proceeded to enter the school, where he shot about 100 rounds into classrooms 111 and 112 which are connected. The attacker continued his rampage for about an hour and a half until law enforcement finally apprehended the shooter. The news was later released that the shooter was shot dead by law enforcement during the process of apprehending the attacker. The news was later let out that the shooter killed 21 people including 19 students and 2 teachers

A week prior to the Uvalde shooting on May 14th, 2022 at 2:30 pm another attacker named Payton Gendron an 18-year-old HighSchool student walked into a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York, and launched an attack on the innocent civilians shopping at the store. Gendron shot and killed 1o innocent shopper at the TOPS grocery store and injured 3 civilians.  The shooter streamed his attack on the shoppers and the video is quite graphic. He was said to be there to only kill black individuals. According to warnings and information that the buffalo police have gathered Payton Gendron had been planning this attack on the grocery store for months, he didn’t even live in Buffalo and lived in a town hours away from Buffalo, and had gone to the store the day before to do reconnaissance. The police also found journals that Payton Gendron had written leading up to the attack. One quote from the journal says “every time I think I shouldn’t commit to an attack I spend 5 min on POL (A Political website) then my motivation returns,” says Gendron in his journal.

Payton Gendron wrote multiple racist comments in his journal leading to the attack about the reason why we wanted to carry out his attack. The police reported that the attacker planned on continuing his rampage beyond the TOPS supermarket and attacking another large supermarket.

These attacks on innocent lives were a horrid and terrible thing, that should concern everyone around the country and especially the community and students here at Mariner. These attacks bring up the question of security in schools. Some political arguments have brought ideas like having better-trained security in all schools, one on points of entry but multiple exits, better locks on classroom doors, and even ways for police to be able to arrive at an active shooting quicker and prevent things from getting worse, for example, it took over 1 hour for police to arrive on the scene in Uvalde. Imagine if they would have had a system in place to arrive and respond quicker to the situations. Many potential lives could have been saved. Although a lot of democratic political figures like to bring up the argument about background checks on private sales of guns and other gun control ideas.

The reality is that change would only make a small difference in preventing these kinds of situations because criminals will find ways to buy guns regardless of the rules in place. They would just find ways to buy weapons illegally, which would make the percentage of buying illegal weapons increase, which in turn would also make it harder to track where the attackers are getting these weapons from.

These issues should be brought to our attention as we have so many students and staff at Mariner that are potentially at risk of being part of an attack like the ones that happened in Uvalde and Buffalo. These issue needs to be addressed to prevent future threats, especially since we’ve already had many threats made to our schooling in the past. If these aren’t addressed for all we know, our school and the community around our school could be at risk.