Spanish Club’s Field Trip to Pike Place Market

And The New Experiences it Held


A picture of the Public Market sign

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

Spanish Club has recently had a field trip to Pike Place Market, and this was a great experience for both students and teachers to explore by themselves and visit new places.

Pike Place Market has a handful of shops and markets that sell various things like food, jewelry, and other handmade objects. At the bottom of the Pike Place Market site, under the history section, it states that on August 5, 1907, the Pike Place Market was created by Councilmember Thomas Revelle, and his ordinance was to create a public farmers market on Pike Place.

“The preparation for it [the field trip] was fine, the weather was decent,” Jaeger said.

The 14 students also got to go on a scavenger hunt, a tradition of Mr. Jaegers, where students find different Latino shops and markets throughout Pike Place.

“A lot of students had problems with [scavenger hunt map], it was an old project and there were a few items that they had to find that said, ‘Look for this shop’ but some of the shops were closed down…” Jaeger said.

This field trip, compared to Spanish Club’s last field trip to Theo’s Chocolate Factory, went well and was a different experience because students got more of a chance to explore by themselves throughout Pike Place Market.

“[At Theo’s Chocolate] We went to the factory, did the tour, shopped, and went home, but the market field trip was very open-ended, [students] got to walk around and shop,” Jaeger said.

One of Mr. Jaeger’s favorite shops at Pike Place Market is a Mexican arts and crafts store called Milagros which sells decorative masks, wooden carvings, and many more beautiful pieces.

“It was really fun and was a new experience for me,” Paige Watts, a freshman who attended the field trip, said.

Spanish Clubs’ next field trip will be a picnic to Gas Works Park on Saturday, June 4th at 9:30 am to celebrate the end of the year. Talk to Spanish Club advisor Mr. Jaeger if you have any questions!