Is Skipping Class Ruining Our Education?


A student skipping class

Litzy Campos (she/her), Staffer

When students skip class, we skip for our own personal reasons. “Why?” is the first question that pops up when Administrators ask. Administrators don’t see the point of us skipping class and just assume that we could care less about our education and students have different opinions about this.

The administrators here at Mariner have strong opinions on students skipping their classes. They want students to focus on their education and the administrators here at Mariner are concerned about our future if we keep skipping class. 

“Data has shown that poor attendance leads to not graduating on time,” said Mariner High School Counselor Sockheng Centeno.

Washington state is ranked as second-worst in the nation that has a high number of absences after Alaska! Most of these absences are from high school students that their skipped classes have turned into days, many students that skip and are absent have a higher risk of not graduating.

The enrollment for students to go into summer school has increased this year because of students failing and skipping class. Many students lost the motivation to do better in school or be in school in general when we came back to school from being in an almost two year pandemic. 

“Students skip for many reasons,” Centeno said, “What I have seen: Wanting to hang out with their friends during all lunches, avoiding class because they have fallen behind, and giving up on class. For the most part, I think students do value their education if they are showing up to school.”

For the most part when speaking to students around, they all agree that most of the time when they see other students skip it’s to be with their friends. They think that the ones who do skip for those reasons should be held accountable for their actions but at the same time they think that they shouldn’t be held accountable because it’s their decision if they want to graduate or not.

The other students here at Mariner say they skip class to just take a breather or they have anxiety attacks because they’re overwhelmed with stress from being in class and with their piles of classwork.

“I skip my classes sometimes because I felt overwhelmed with stress and was too anxious to even be in the room,” said a sophomore, who declined to be named out of fear of facing administrative consequences. 

The Mariner Compass has respectfully let the student remain anonymous because of them being in fear of administrative consequences.

This is just from the many students that feel the way towards being anxious in classes. After coming back to in-person learning from the pandemic that affected us in many different ways, having to go back to school is very stressful for many students so skipping class sounds like a good idea for them to leave. Having a place where they can be stress-free can reduce their performance of absences from classes instead of being punished. 

“Having a safe place to just get my anxiety in check and to not have panic attacks from being in class is useful to those that feel like school is draining. I care about my education but I just need a break once and a while.” said the anonymous sophomore.

School is very stressful and overwhelming and the students here at Mariner think that they should get a safe and quiet location for students that need to take a minute to breathe or to just take their mind off the stress they’re in. 

The students here at Mariner all have many different opinions as to skipping class. Many students say that students should face consequences for skipping class for fun and the other students say that the students who skip for mental health reasons shouldn’t face consequences.