The Concern with High School and Beyond Plan

photo by shutterstock

photo by shutterstock

The high school and beyond plan is a state-mandated practice meant to help students figure out what they would want for their future as early as the eighth grade. But is it the case that the system meant to help students could’ve backfired? Some say that might be the case,

When asked some people have said that the plan is very anxiety-inducing, or feel almost as if they are deciding too early into their high school career.

“Even tho I know that I will be able to change my decision later on it’s still weird to me how limiting this is,” Said Miles Gonzales, a Freshman student at Mariner.

The high school and beyond plan is meant to be a tool used to help students make an informed decision about the career path they might take. As stated previously some have found this stressful, yet it seems that others’ opinion differs.

“It [High School And Beyond Plan] has been actually sort of nice since I could compare some of my options,” says Piper Spencer, Freshman. “however, I do believe it could be changed to be better,”

Spencer said that she feels that the plan does a good job showing jobs that might be a good fit for her but also feel like it lacks showing her actual interests and ways they can turn into a career, with this part of the site only covering three aspects of jobs, like artistic, traditional, social, etc. and hopes that they can expand more on this part of the program.

Some say that the program is unbalanced and should be reworked with more ways to allow students to pursue their interests instead of showing how compatible some jobs are because of a test that’s meant to determine the likeliness of compatibility with jobs that could change throughout the year. which is said to be inaccurate since they believe the interests and skills of a person can change throughout the year, therefore, making a survey that was taken at the beginning of the year could be considered inaccurate. But this argument is illogical because you’re able to choose and change the careers and skills you have at the beginning of every year or choose a career that doesn’t involve anything recommended for you.

The high school and beyond plan has been a great tool for students for years, helping many to figure out the future for themselves, yet some have experienced issues with the program. People suggest having more personalization and a better skill assortment system to more accurately detect the skills and interests of students. Improving the system would allow for a more effective and successful program for the students.