Classroom Oddity of The Week! 5/16-5/20


An image of a variety of pictures Mr. Tonahill has taken on his travels.

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Section Editor (Mariner News)

The teacher that takes the classroom spotlight this week is Mr. Tonahill!

Mr. Tonahill is an English teacher and has worked at Mariner for 6 years, but has worked in the district for 10. He has also been to 23 states and 43 countries that all have their unique differences.

“It just kind of happened [decorating the class], students presented cool art and allowed me to keep it at the end of the year,”

One of Mr. Tonahill’s favorite souvenirs is one of the many pictures that was taken in Mostar, Bosnia. The reconstructed bridge in the picture connects the banks of the river called Neretva in the town of Mostar, it is also known to be a symbol of reconciliation and diverse culture.

“It was a beautiful place…it was powerful and moving to visit,” says Tonahill.

A photo Mr. Tonahill took while at Mostar, Bosnia.

Another one of his favorite souvenirs is a picture he took when he was in Columbia that is near the entrance of his classroom. This image represents a lot because it used to be one of the most dangerous places in the world, but later got rebuilt and is much safer.

A photo of a beautifully painted wall to cover graffiti

Tonahill says, “It went from being one of the most dangerous places in the world to being invested in things like street art and rebuilding the neighborhood,”

A photo of medieval keys from Spain

The oldest souvenir in his classroom is a set of keys that he’s had for 13 years and they come from a Medieval town in Spain.

The most popular and most asked about souvenir in his classroom is the traditional Venetian mask that came from Venice, Italy. Back then, people usually wore these masks for Mascherades or Venetian carnivals because they were known to protect the wearer’s identity and social status.

A photo of a traditional Venetian mask

Fun Fact:

The two basketball jerseys near Mr. Tonahills door are from his childhood and he got them because his favorite basketball players were Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

A photo of Mr. Tonahills childhood jerseys