Student Profile: Ava Rudberg

Senior, Ava Rudberg

Senior, Ava Rudberg

Rafael Sanchez (he,him) 9th, Staffer

Ava Rudberg is a resident senior student, who will be doing missionary work in Hawaii after high school. In her own words, “I’m gonna go to Hawaii to learn about Jesus.”

The program YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Ava is partaking in is a “D.T.S. which is a discipleship training school, and “they basically are going to get me more involved in my faith.” What this training leads to is “helping make me into a missionary.” What a missionary is exactly is somebody who helps out within communities around the world while also spreading their faith and provide help with things like literacy or education.

After her three months in Hawaii, Ava will be trained some more and get to choose another location to spread the gospel and help out. “You decide before you go. So you pray on it and see where the Lord is leading you and then depending on where you are called to that is where I (Ava) will go. Then we will be wherever we are led for 3 months helping the people there, bringing people to Jesus, and spreading the gospel.”

After Ava finishes her “missionary work” in February 2023, she will “come back home, here in Everett, and work for a fat minute.” When asked about her ambitions after her missionary work, Ava had to say that “My aunt and uncle are giving me 10,000 dollars to get into beauty school, so they’re giving me money to do what I had originally wanted to do” However, she does not plan on being a cosmetologist forever.

“Either way no matter what I’m going to pursue firefighting, cutting hair is just going to be a side job, basically a side hustle for some extra money while I’m becoming a firefighter.” With such a sudden and unexpected change in career paths, Ava explains herself by saying “I’ve always been interested in fire, which you’d think I would hate since I want to fight fire.”

When asked about the origins of her interest in fire Ava retells a story from her childhood, saying “I remember when I was a kid my neighbor’s house was on fire one time. It was the summertime and we were barbequing and going in and out of our house when all these fire alarms started going off nearby. So we look over at my neighbor’s place and there’s just black smoke coming out of everywhere, so my dad hops over the fence between our houses, tells me to call 911, and then goes inside my neighbor’s house. So I called 911 and I don’t know what it was but the adrenaline felt so cool.”

With her interests in missionary work cosmetology, and firefighting. In the end, Ava just wants to do what Ava wants to do. There’s very little solid explanation or reasoning behind her aspirations, but all three of them are respectable choices and will serve her well. Ava’s spontaneity and spunk are truly inspirational qualities, worth admiring.