The Writing Center and Its Benefits

A place to go for checking your writing


Raquel Renander

A picture of a painting near the Writing Center E272

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

Have you ever written an essay and said to yourself, ” I don’t think I’m going to get a good grade on this,” or asked, “Who could I trust to show my writing to?”? Well, you’re in luck! Mariner’s Writing Center club, advised by Mr. Tonahill, is a great club to go to if you need help from tutors who have been trained to find specific details in our writing.

Mr. Tonahill has advised it for 5 years, and the club has existed for that same amount of time.

“Every writer no matter how strong they are [at writing] needs someone to read it for them,” Says Tonahill.

The Writing Center has also helped Mr. Tonahill and a lot of English teachers in general by giving students more time to ask questions and revise their writing.

“It’s also really good because as a teacher I teach about 20 students and you don’t always have enough time to give quality feedback,” Tonahill adds.

This club is a great way to get involved, especially if you have a hard time finding someone to give you critiques and help your writing or if you are nervous to ask anyone else.

Alexa Espe, one of the senior volunteers at the Writing Center says, “Over Covid, I discovered that I really liked writing, and I liked to give creative ideas,”

Helping out and volunteering at clubs like the Writing Center is also a great learning experience for not just the students revising their writing, but also for many volunteers there as well.

“With anything through teaching, you have to learn and understand, you also have to be able to direct others…” Espe adds.

Overall, the Writing Center has taught students about their writing in many creative ways.

A picture of a sign next to the Writing Center (Raquel Renander)

Angelina Lam, a freshman at Mariner says, ” I really like the advice they give, and if you are struggling and don’t know what you’re doing, they are able to help,”

If you ever need extra help with your writing and don’t know who to go to, visit the Writing Center after school on Mondays through Thursdays at 2:10 pm in Mr. Tonahills’s room! (E272)