Wacky Freshman Sam Moce


Brian Truongle (He/Him) 9th Grade, Staffer

Sam Moce is a student at Mariner High School who’s either making his friends laugh, working with his mom, or bonding with his siblings. At school Sam stays out of trouble, but he also has a fun side to him as well.

Sam opens up about his opinion and perspective on Mariner High and what he likes about the school.

“I feel like Mariner High School is a mid place, it’s not really a bad place but it’s not the greatest,” Moce said, “there’s good teachers but a lot of the students aren’t very welcoming and are kind of negative.”

Some of the seniors at Mariner are concerned about the decline in club members at the school. Sam participated in track for about half the season before quitting due to injuries and a loaded work schedule. The only club Sam attended was Spanish club. He talks about his experience and his motive for wanting to join the club.

“I did Spanish club for one day, it was fun and very welcoming, but I really wasn’t that interested in the club” Moce said.

Sam intends to attend Mariner High until he graduates, and wants to apply to a college after high school. In college, Sam wants to take whatever major or class he can to pursue his dance career. Sam also would be interested in acting as well, so when he reaches college he is able to chase careers that he’s actually wants to do.

After school Sam takes care of his chores at home and enjoys his hobbies on his free time. A game called Apex Legends is one of the many games he plays when he isn’t busy and has nothing left planned.

“I like to play video games, and go outside with my friends.” Moce said, “My go-to game is Apex, Apex is a battle royal which is where a bunch of people online fight to be the last team standing.”

Sam says that the reason why Apex Legends stands out to him, and why he enjoys it so much is because of the diversity between legends and the different abilities that they bring. Content like this can really change the course of the game and makes playing it more fun.

Sam is always either eating or drinking something throughout the school day, so when asked, he talked about some of his favorite foods.

“Fijian foods like Curry, and Dalo are some of the things I can’t live without,” Moce said, “lambchops are good too, the flavor and texture just taste amazing to me.”

Dalo or sometimes known as Taro is a root vegetable. Its used as a staple in many Pacific countries, and is often boiled or baked. Sam describes the texture of the food and why he likes it so much.

“Dalo originated in Fiji, and it’s very soft and chewy.” Moce said, “If I were to describe it I would say it has the consistency of a potato, but a little bit softer. I like it especially when you sweeten it, then it taste bussin'(sic).”

Sam has a weird personality, but isn’t afraid to have fun and show out around his friends. Sam doesn’t get too involved in school spirt or school events, but still has fun at campus either way.