New and In Charge; Meet Your 2022-2023 ASB Council

Kailee Abendroth (she/they) 11th Grade, Chief Editor

On April 27th ASB elections were held and the student body of Mariner High School had the opportunity to cast their votes for the candidates for the 7 available positions. Our ASB Council is responsible for some of the biggest and most exciting events here at Mariner, it’s only natural to hope to have good people in to advocate for the student body.


President: Francheska David

Junior, Francheska David

Certainly, known school-wide is the new president. Francheska David is all over campus from concertmaster & section leader for the Mariner Orchestra to a member of the NHS & Key Club and of course 1/2 of the familiar voices that are heard every morning here at Mariner High.

“…My time as this year’s Mariner MC made me realize how much I value leadership and how much the Mariner community means to me,” David says.

The president position is quite a big role, overseeing the majority of events and the student body itself, but David is determined to fill that spot with great leadership and responsibility.

“My task as ASB president…[is to] be a trustworthy individual to anyone that has an opinion on how to make Mariner an even greater place,” David says

And what makes any environment better? Diversity.

“I think implementing more culture appreciation and having more unity and spirit will really make Mariner an even greater place and an even greater home.”



Vice President: Aleeza Umboh

Sophomore, Aleeza Umboh

Current Sophmore Class President and Spanish Club Secretary Aleeza Umboh is the new Vice President for Mariner High. Vice President is essentially second-in-command, handling tasks the President may need help with and being a representative for the student body.

“[I want to push] for more spirit-based activities,” Umboh says, “I recognize how important it is  for a school to have a strong sense of community.”

Umboh also recognizes that some students here can sometimes feel left out of events.

“I will try my best to have an even better Mariner by boosting school spirit,” Umboh says, “…Especially for underclassmen.”

School, for many, can seem like this daunting, dull, or stressful task but Umboh is certain to make the most out of it for the student body.

“I know that High School Musical is fiction, but I will use my role as ASB Vice President to make your high school experience as fun as possible.”



Secretary: Brianna Jourdan

Junior, Brianna Jourdan

You may already know Brianna Jourdan since she was the secretary for this current school year, next year will be her second term.

“I really enjoyed my time in my position,” Jourdan says, “…I was able to get a lot of insight as to how Mariner works and was able to meet a lot of new people.”

Jourdan’s role is quite important actually.

“[I have to] keep track of meeting minutes, which is a state requirement,” Jourdan says.

She also believes quite strongly in making Mariner a place people want to come to.

“…We need to prioritize making Mariner a comfortable space for anyone and everyone.”



Treasurer: Joseph Na

Sophomore, Joseph Na                

Tennis player and Viola player in the Mariner Orchestra, Jospeh Na is also adding counting money to his activity schedule.

“I’ve always wanted to take a shot at this treasurer thing…” Na said.

Na said that he wants to develop his leadership skills and become more confident in himself so this role is a great start!

While the job of Treasurer can seem fairly easy from an outside perspective, Na wants people to know that that isn’t the case.

“ASB treasurers have to meet with the bookkeeper every single day to check-in for any paperwork to look over and sign,” Na said, “They also have to keep track of monetary funds and budgets of each club, sport, and activity.”

Like many, Na thinks that there’s a large pressure on students in high school. A balance of work and play is needed for everyone and fun school events can be a great way to unwind.

“I also plan to bring these great ideas into school events and activities to make [the] year great,” Na said, “…I [want to] try to spice it up here at Mariner and see how well I can be treasurer.”



Public Relations: Maria Huacuja

Sophomore, Maria Huacuja

Maria Huacuja is the new ASB Public Relations! In her free time, Huacuja volunteers at Explorer Middle School. She decided to run for ASB this year as a way to build a stronger bond with those here at Mariner.

“…This [running for ASB] would be a great opportunity to become closer to our Mariner family and I’m willing to do anything to make sure everyone can feel included at school,” Huacuja said.

Now Public Relations is much more than the pretty infographics that are seen on the @marinercity Instagram page, though those are an aesthetically pleasing bonus, there’s more than meets the eye of Huacuja’s position.

“My role…is to inform anyone on any important anyone on any important events on things such as clubs, sports, or any important information,” Huacuja said, “…It is important to keep students informed and updated on what’s happening.”

As there’s more beneath the surface of her position, Huacuja recognizes that there’s more beneath the surface of bold-faced school spirit.

“I’m willing to make Mariner a greater place by paying attention to the little things that might not seem as important and I’m willing to listen to important feedback so that our Mariner community could grow together.”


Parliamentarian: Amar Salmi

Sophomore, Amar Salmi

Violinist, Amar Salmi is this upcoming year’s ASB Parliamentarian. Salmi is set on fulfilling his role to the greatest capacity, as the Parliamentarian’s role is truly crucial in the behind-the-scenes aspect.

“My position demands problem-solving and an ability to keep functions in order,” Salmi says, “Which is obviously quite important in facilitating the processes of the student government.”

Salmi is another major advocate for school spirit!

“…I propose doubling down on school events that are accessible to everyone by which students can express themselves or simply have a good time!”



MC: Carly Mai

Junior, Carly Mai

Long-time cheerleader in and out of Mariner High School, Carly Mai, is 1/2 of the new MCs! Mai is earnestly prepared for the tasks that come with being practically the face of school spirit.

“I do announcements in the morning and run pep assemblies,” Mai said, “These things are key ‘ingredients’ to creating school spirit as a whole.”

Without a doubt, Mai is a great fit for the MC role, her appreciation of school spirit proves it.

“I wanted to run for MC because I thought that it would be a super fun experience for me,” Mai said, “…I love school spirit and talking to people so MC was a perfect role for me!”

Mai’s wish is to bring up the rates of student participation to make people feel included.

“I plan on increasing school spirit by helping make pep assemblies more fun and including more student participation.”


MC: Zakiya Nuñez

Junior, Zakiya Nuñez

Swimmer/diver and track runner, Zakiya Nuñez is taking over the 2nd half of the MC position. Nuñez felt as if school spirit had disappeared from Mariner entirely.

“…I felt like Mariner spirit was not here anymore,” Nuñez said, “I wanted to be part of bringing it back.”

As said before, MCs are our poster children of school spirit, lending their voices to the events that occur here at Mariner.

“I help raise school spirit from the frontline in a way that I use [my] voice more often,” Nuñez said, “…The school [sees] me and Carly using our voices, and [they see] our spirit.”






With a group of people like this, it’s hard not to be excited about all the possibilities. All-in-all, the new ASB officers are promptly prepared to take over their new duties and responsibilities for the incoming school year!