The New Mariner


Additional Side View

Rafael Sanchez (he,him) 9th, Staffer

While murmurings of a renovation among students are almost always nothing more than rumors, a year from June 2022 Mariner will be getting a much-deserved and long-speculated renovation, to the school’s middle and western facing domain. 

Over the last few years, planning, renderings, and surveys have been conducted among staff foreshadowing a grand renovation and addition to Mariner’s mid and west end. This renovation will bring out the hallway area between the counseling office and gym, towards the portables increasing not only the size of the hallway but also increasing ease of access through the hallway and reducing student traffic in the area. 


As for square footage, “the proposal will demolish 19,000 SF (square feet) of unsprinklered area along the school’s main east-west hallway, as well as demolish three site structures and build back in this same area with a new 26,500 SF fully sprinklered two-story addition.” These three site structures in question “include an existing 3,500 SF one-story gym and apparatus and storage room area, an existing 4,00 SF one-story counselor and career center area, an existing 11,500 SF two-story library and classroom area, an existing 18,00 SF greenhouse an existing 1,445 SF greenhouse and an existing 135 SF shed”. 


Recently, yellow laminated signs have been posted around the parking lot facing 4th Ave and in the grass on 120th to the side near the main office. Few have noticed, let alone read or paid attention to them. These yellow signs are Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS). An MDNS is “a Determination of Non- Significance (DNS) that includes measures intended to mitigate a proposal’s probable significant adverse impacts to elements of the natural and/or built environment.” The yellow posters also detail an in-depth “description of the proposal”. Other information posted on these signs includes Snohomish County file number, Proponent, Location of the proposal, Zoning, Comprehensive Plan designation, and much more, mostly Legal/zoning details. 


In a recent interview with Mr. Axelson regarding the renovation and addition, he remarks about the new more open downstairs cafeteria saying “there’s going to be a stairway the goes down that’ll be the new cafeteria it’ll be on the bottom floor. It will be a big space where we can have nighttime events like concerts, plays you know like if the plays are too big for the theatre.”

When the ambitiousness of the project was brought up, Axelson had to say, “it’s going to be kind of a mess here, we’re going to have some portables out in front of the school, that’s where our counseling office and things are going to be.”

When asked about a potential detour through the main hallway, Mr. Axelson says “I think the main hallway is going to stay open.” Overall, this addition and renovation is incredibly ambitious, even too much so, considering the planned span of time spent renovating is aimed to be only a year.