Mariner High Schools Annual Art Show

picture by shuttershock

picture by shuttershock

 The Mariner art show was held from April 28th until April 30th And showed many students’ artistic talent. The art show was set in the east project room and had many different kinds of art projects, a variety of projects involving all kinds of materials; from the many incredible portraits and compositions to some of the sculptured items and beautifully sewn items like an Appliqué or sewn plushies. 

“I enjoyed looking at so many talented people’s art,” said Miles Gonzalez, a freshman at Mariner. “seeing art from people I know was really surprising”

 The Art show provided the opportunity for many to show their creativity regardless of their skill level, while still allowing people’s talent to be acknowledged by the school vote. Most students had the chance to look at the art during the school day with many teachers taking time out of their classes to look at the art. 

“Art has always been a big part of my life, I even studied the history of French art at one point,” said Mariner teacher Jannet Wheeler.

Even though the show has opened to everyone during the week for everyone to look for the show also had an opening night for parents and everyone who wanted to attend, Where both students and the adults could vote for the art pieces they believed deserved the most recognition, the students that won would also receive a prize. yet many people when asked haven’t even heard about it and were just there for the art.

The art show is a great tradition that allows us to celebrate many of the talented students in our school. This is great since many students have expressed that they have a feeling that a lot of time school sports are valued more than other skills students might have, and even some believe that sports are prioritized more than education itself. Therefore many traditions like this art show or the Mariner showcase are important to show to recognize other talents students have. Many people have said that the show was a great experience and would like to see it next year as well!

The success of this art show is likely to cause more people to submit other artwork to the show allowing the community to blossom more after the quarantine. many of the attendees have really enjoyed the show and commented that seeing more similar shows and school events would be great for all