The American Educations System Is a Failure


Student In Class tired of the same boring education.

Miguel Hernandez (He,Him), Advertising Specialist

The American education system has been around since 1821 but what if I told you that this education system is failing young entrepreneurs and millions of children around the world. This education system that all Americans have gone through has been extremely confined. The way that students are learning right now makes them think there is only one solution to a problem. The education being taught to students across America keeps students from learning in a way that will improve their creativity and self-discipline. Students around the country are limited to the public schools that don’t offer much education on careers like entrepreneurship, real estate, and many other technical career paths.

Although some schools like Mariner High School offer an optional part-time skills school called Sno-Isle Skills center, it is very limited, and not everyone that applies to that school gets in. Schools all over the country have maintained the same standard education system for a long time. Teachers teach students that there is only one solution to a problem and do not let their students branch out and learn that in the real world, they will be presented with a lot of problems that have more than one solution. Even if they go on to get a degree in business, in the future when they have to manage a business they still face the issues of creativity and problem solving because they are used to finding solutions in a more static way.

In a Ted Talk by Eddy Zhong,  he talks about how schools provide an environment where children aren’t really allowed to be creative and think outside the box. Zhong says ” although the school can make you more academically intelligent it can teach you physics, algebra, calculus, it is diminishing the children’s creative intelligence… it’s telling them to go down a certain path in life, telling them to go to high school, get a diploma, go to college, find a stable job, and if you don’t do that you won’t be successful.’ ”

Adding on to this idea, the switch from a static American education system, to a dynamic learning education system has been talked about by multiple entrepreneurs and speakers around the country like Charles Leadbeater, and  Dynamic learning has shown to be significantly better than the standard static learning in most public schools around America. A private school in Virginia Randolph-Macon- Academy uses a dynamic learning system. They say that dynamic learning helps students develop a greater sense of self-discipline, as well as helps students’ creativity.

Although dynamic learning is not a national education system, some schools like Highlands Middle Schools in Mountain View California have turned to a make Dynamic Learning project to help students learn in a more efficient way. They say the project will help students and teachers improve and succeed using technology to help with teaching and learning.

Slowly over the years, more schools have switched to a more dynamic learning approach to learning, but the problem is that there are not enough schools doing it. There needs to be a change in the American education system as a whole, to make all of it a more dynamic education system to fit every student’s different career choices.