Classroom Oddity Of the Week! 4/25-4/29


Raquel Renander

A picture of different framed bugs

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

The teacher that takes the classroom spotlight this week is Mr. Jaeger!

Mr. Jaeger has worked at Mariner for 23 years, and throughout the years he has traveled to many places within or near North and South America like Peru, Mexico, and Antigua which is an island located in the Caribbean Sea.

The oldest souvenir in his classroom is the Guatemalan Tapestry from the town of Antigua, it stayed in his house for a long time until he decided that he would bring it to his classroom for students to see.

Jaeger says, “The Guatemalan Tapestry [is my favorite] because it reminds me of the service of our country and how I helped out around different areas of South America,”

One of the most asked about souvenirs is the framed bugs from the Peruvian Amazon that consist of spiders, beetles, praying mantis, and many other interesting insects.

The piggy bank at the front of the class is also another important souvenir that Mr. Jaeger owns. It came from a tourist market in Tijuana which is a city in Baja California located on the Pacific Coast in Mexico.

Picture of the piggy bank from Tijuana. (Raquel Renander)

Jaeger says, ” I wanted to get it [the piggy bank] because I’ve been buying piggy banks ever since I was a little kid, that’s why it is important to me,”

Some more important souvenirs are the colorful masks that Mr. Jaeger has collected throughout his years of traveling. They sometimes represent religious beliefs or cultural identities. Mr. Jaeger has a variety of these masks, but they each hold their own meaning and come from many different places. For example, the two masks on the left were gifts from students and came from West Africa. The mask that looks like a Jaguar represents the Jaguar god of the Aztecs, the mask in the middle is from Puerto Rico, the green and yellow mask is from Peru, and the two masks on the right are from Mexico.

A picture of masks from Mr. Jaeger’s travels. (Raquel Renander)



Classroom decorations are a great way to get to know your teacher, come back next week to see the next classroom spotlight!