Class Of 2022 Scholarships

Class Of 2022 Scholarships

Naydeline Garcia, Staffer

There are many seniors who aren’t worrying or thinking about how to pay for college. Whether it be because they aren’t well informed that they can get some financial help or even a full ride to pay for their education or because they haven’t really taken in mind what their peers have shared with them about scholarship opportunities.

If you’re attending a community college, researching their foundation scholarship requirements and applying can be a benefit for you. Most colleges require basic information such as your first name, last name, the career path you’re choosing to take, what events and situations contributed to your decision, and the history of your academics.

Scholarship applications should take you from hours to days in order to correctly revise and edit your responses. Clearly think about how you want to answer each question, then open a word document and start writing.

Before you move your answers onto the application, check for grammar and spelling. I encourage you to use peer editing to provide yourself with different points of view of your writing and get feedback on how to make it stronger. You should get feedback from at least three people. If you don’t know who to ask to help you write your scholarship application, Ms. Cedar, Ms. Madrigal and Ms. Horrocks are all very helpful and nice people you can talk to.

Once you think you’re ready to move your responses to answer the questions on┬áthe application, clearly read through all responses and start typing. In case you are having a hard time finding scholarships, some of the ones you still have time to apply for are:

Maxwell Foundation Scholarship – Due by April 29

BIAW Scholarship – Due May 2

Diversity in Education Scholarship – Due May 14

You can also go on to these websites to search for more scholarship opportunities,,,,,, and Beyond Dreaming.