“Devious Licks” Shut Down Mariner’s Bathrooms


One of many closed off bathrooms

Hassan Al-Ghazali, Staffer

The “Devious licks” trend originated back in September and went viral across the U.S. and caused lots of vandalism and costly damage to bathrooms of schools around the country. It started when one person stole a box of masks claiming it as a “Devious lick.” The trend quickly escalated from students stealing soap dispensers to a whole bathroom stall. Mariner too had been hit with the “Devious licks” causing it to close off most of the Boy’s bathrooms for almost the whole year.

“It’s very frustrating and disappointing they’re not having pride in their school when we work hard to keep this nice,” said Kyle Axelson, one of the school’s Assistant Principals.

It also creates an unnecessarily hard time for the few janitors who work here at Mariner.

“It’s disrespectful to the custodians who work really hard and we’re short on custodians and custodians are pulled to clean things that don’t need to be,” Axelson added.

Mr. Axelson also said that never in his 6 years of working here has he seen a problem with the bathrooms like this and how this is the first and biggest incident the bathrooms have had working here. The bathroom over by the gym and woodshop have also always been closed during school hours. It was only ever opened after school or during school events but even now it’s been closed off after school and only left open during events.

“It hurts everybody keeping the bathrooms locked because of the actions of a small group. A few people ruin it for everybody,” told Axelson.

The Mariner staff works hard to help the students become adults and to help them develop.

“It’s sad they aren’t better people. They are not representing what we’re trying to develop with students.”

He said that the fewer bathrooms that are open the fewer places there are to monitor since they’re shorthanded on custodians and administrators shouldn’t be spending their time monitoring all the bathrooms for vandalism. It’s not their desire to keep them closed but so long as vandalism and tagging continue they will have to keep responding to that behavior.

“It cost thousands of dollars but I didn’t think the main cost of it would be hanging out in the bathrooms,” commented Axelson, “It takes time out of our custodians and a number of resources it takes to monitor and keep them clean.”

Assistant Principal Axelson also addressed the inconvenience the bathroom closure causes to the whole school.

“I completely understand that it’s an inconvenience to the entire student population because a few people ruin it for the rest,” said Axelson. “It hurts everybody keeping the bathrooms locked from just a small group. Too bad a small group is ruining it for the rest. A few people ruin it for everybody. If you see something say something. Help let us know who does it so we can stop them and take appropriate action,” he added. “Most of our information comes from students. Usually, people share information. The more people to share info the quicker we can open them.”

Axelson also explained that when they find vandalism happening they more often look on camera to see around the time who does it. He said that they are catching a lot of people and are getting pretty aggressive with it.

Although vandalism was more prominent earlier in the school year it still continues and because of that, the idea of opening the bathroom is not on the table. This has caused a major inconvenience to both the whole student body and the staff. They are still on alert and trying their best to monitor the best rooms to the best of their ability.