School Threats at Mariner


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Miguel Hernandez (He,Him), Advertising Specialist

Schools are one of the places that kids spend most of their time, they spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for almost 10 months of the year at school.  Going to school every day is something that every kid has to go through but something that parents and students also want at schools is security.  The internet has become globally popular over the last decade and it has evolved from using it to connect with friends, and using it for almost anything you can think of. We use the internet in our cars, at work, and even at school.  Although the internet has done a lot to improve our modern society it has allowed the opportunity for people to use the Internet as a form of issuing threats toward schools.

Over this 2021-2022 school year we have had a couple of online threats to our school. Around the time of November 2021, multiple school threats were made toward our school in the form of Instagram posts and TikTok. One of the most notable school threats over the last school year was a threat made on TikTok that went viral and was a threat meant to multiple schools in the nation.

One incident was a threat made against multiple Mukilteo School District schools when  14 year old made multiple social Media threats. Mariner was one of the Schools targeted in those threats. The student later said that he had no intention of carrying out the acts but they are still taken seriously. The student was taken to Denny Youth Center and was booked on 6 felony charges.

These online threats made a lot of students opt out of school out of fear, but schools remained open. Schools informed the authorities of the threats and the authorities took care of the rest by taking further actions with the information that was provided by Mariner. Kyle Axelson the Assistant principal for Mariner High School spoke about how mariner deals with the security issues that Mariner faces.

“So the first thing is we contact law enforcement and partner with them”,  Axelson said. “A lot of times that threat comes out of school but we do part of it and law enforcement does the other part, whether that is getting search warrants, following up online, and just trying to figure out who is behind those threats.”

Assistant Principal Mr. Axelson also talked about where they get the biggest help form to figure out where the threats are coming from.

“The biggest place we probably get the most help is from students” Axelson commented.  “90% of our information comes from students that come in and just give us information.”

School threats are not just done online but a lot of times we have students physically bring weapons to school and pose a threat to our school security here at Mariner High School. These threats aren’t just dumb jokes made by some high school teenager. These threats are serious claims of people wanting to physically harm people in these public high schools.

In our area, there have been multiple threats including one in December of 2021 when a 15-year-old student at Meadowdale Highschool brought a pistol and ammunition to campus. The 15-year-old student had stolen the weapon from a relative and had brought it to school and should it to students during school. After this incident the student was expelled from Meadowdale, then arrested and booked as a juvenile.

” When people bring weapons in we get tips from like a teacher, staff, and students,” Axelson said, “…we’ve had a couple of people do that and usually we get tips from other staff members or students that think something isn’t right and we follow up from there.”

Mr.Axelson also said that he thought the safety at Mariner is doing well and although there are issues that come up every once in a while it is dealt with with the utmost importance to continue to make Mariner a safe place to learn and feel comfortable being at.

Although over the last couple of months school threats have become less of a trend online, they still pose a threat to the safety of students and staff at Mariner, but Mariner is still continuing to enforce safety and Mariner and take these threats seriously.