Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

“Having to wake up at six am every day has been really tiring, especially coming from online learning” Said Miles Gonzales, Freshman.

An average high schooler should get anywhere from eight to ten hours of sleep every night. Yet it’s estimated that less than half of all adolescents get less than eight hours. Why is that?

Teenagers’ circadian rhythm changes during their teenage years, in a person’s childhood the human brain starts to release melatonin at about eight to nine in the evening when growing, on the other hand, teenagers’ melatonin cycle starts two to three hours later.

“It feels like most people my age tend to stay up later for some reason,” Said Robert Esponda, Freshman

Another common reason that is likely to cause a lack of sleep in teenagers is surprisingly daylight savings time. Scientists all over the country have been protesting the order that the senate introduced that would keep us on daylight savings time. Scientists started bringing this up as a  problem since the human’s circadian rhythm is more aligned with standard time, this rule also added a lot of confusion to the world specifically because most countries run on standard time.

“I tend to stay up later because some things tend to take almost the whole day,” said Esponda.

But the change in people’s bodies isn’t entirely to blame. It’s common for people to start getting jobs in high school which can be both mentally and physically exhausting. And due to many feeling as if their life has been taken away, people tend to go to sleep later in the night to hang out with their friends.

Later starting time is one of the most common discussions relating to school, nowadays it’s likely to see those arguments to be listened to. In Mariner, The late start program has been created, which is an option for a selected group of students to start school days two hours later. Which many believe is a step in the right direction.