The Return Of Fieldtrips

And The Benefits Students Get From Them


Raquel Renander

Bus Driving From Mariner

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Section Editor (Mariner News)

Fieldtrips are a big thing here at Mariner, especially since most students have not had a field trip in at least 2 years, and ever since the mask mandate was lifted a lot more events are coming up, Mariners Band has recently had a field trip to a festival in Edmonds and performed 3 songs which are, Mirages, Appalacian Morning, and Cumberland Cross.

Band director Mr. Angelos says, “I think it’s incredibly beneficial [for students going on field trips] because they’re given the opportunity to get food and be away from home on their own, ”

A lot of students have been looking forward to having a field trip for a long time, it also creates a new learning experience for students who have never been on a field trip in high school.

Azul Rangel, a freshman flute player says, “It was really fun, it was also nice because it was my first field trip in Highschool, I also got to get closer to the other band kids and see them perform,”

NEA Member Benefits states that going on field trips provides a 59% chance of getting good grades, a 95% chance of graduating from high school, and a 63% chance of graduating from college, it also gets students more engaged and curious about learning.

Field trips are another great way to get involved while having fun and meeting new people who might share the same interests as you.

A lot of other classes also plan on having a class or club field trip, like the World Language clubs. Spanish Club advisor Mr. Jaeger and French Club advisor Ms. Wheeler hosted a field trip to Theo’s Chocolate Factory on April 5th and they hoped to deepen our understanding of the Hispanic and Francophone culture.

Mr. Jaeger says, “Spanish club was made to explore the Spanish culture, it exposes me and the kids to new experiences because there are a lot of students in this school who have never been outside of Everett,”

The temporary end of field trips was not only a problem for students but teachers as well.

Jaeger adds, “It was challenging when we stopped having field trips, and I still wanted to have a club, that’s why we watched movies, danced, and played games, but we did get the chance to do concessions so if we did get to have field trips we would have the money,”

It was upsetting for a lot of students when they realized that field trips were going to be delayed. This had a big impact on the current Sophomores because it was their last year in middle school, and usually, 8th-grade events are the biggest and even the best out of the other middle school years. But a lot of that was taken away and abandoned when everything got shut down due to Covid, so once it came time to have their last field trip in middle school, the pandemic had already started.

Sophomore Aleeza Umboh, secretary for the Spanish club says, ” Learning it from a textbook and learning it from experience are two different things, and it (field trips) definitely benefits more learning,”

Field trips impact us greatly, and we continue to improve and create new memories with these fun events!