March Madness Recap


Macho Volleyball Tournament, photo courtesy of yearbook

Sammie Bruton she/her 10th grade, Advertising Manager

The month of March can feel long with not having breaks from school or long weekends. 4 full long weeks of school and now with daylights savings, everyone is just more and more exhausted. That said, there is no better way to make this long month better than March Madness.

March Madness is a series of events and tournaments. This year’s March Madness included a free throw contest with Mr.DuChesne, a staff vs. senior basketball game, a macho volleyball tournament, and a 3 v 3 basketball tournament. These events catered to anyone who wanted to participate and gave a sense of excitement to the whole school.

These events have taken place in the past but this is the first year since the pandemic. Leadership II put organized March Madness and all the events.

“March Madness invites everyone, whether you want to watch or play, there are so many ways to be a part of it, and it’s awesome to have this opportunity for us to have a good time,” said Senior Avleen Kaur.

The first event that was held during March Madness was the free throw contest against Mariner’s principal, Mr.DuChesne. The prize for anyone that won against DuChesne was a free drink from the BTE. With all of DuChesne’s skill and experience, this was a difficult contest for all the students and DuChesne went undefeated.

“It was fun to go against Mr.DuChesne, we all thought someone would be able to beat him but he’s just too good,” said Sophmore Elyjah Mendiola.

The Senior vs. Staff basketball game got everyone hyped up, it took place on Thursday, March 10th. Many people showed up to cheer on their favorite seniors and staff. The game was fun and competitive, and both teams played hard. The staff came out with the dub of 76-55. Whether who won or lost, this event brought people together and was something everyone looked forward to.

The Macho Volleyball tournament consisted of 8 teams and they all came together on Thursday, March 18th to compete for the win. There was a great turnout of both players and fans and even a staff team participated. Girls from Mariner’s volleyball team also came out to help with scorekeeping, reffing, and line judging. Each team was determined to play their best and have fun, after multiple games of bracket play, the championship game was against the Macho Monkeys and the Bus Riders. The night ended with the Bus Riders winning the championship.

“The variety of skill levels was fun to watch, the teams were competitive and you could tell everyone had a good time,” said Sophmore Giselle Hernandez.

The 3 v 3 basketball tournament was the last event of March Madness and was held on Thursday, March 24th. There were a total of 8 teams that played for the championship. This event invited anyone who wanted to come out, have fun, and show off their basketball skills, even if they know nothing about the sport. It brought together different people of all grades to have a good time with their friends.

“We were excited to bring our community together after a tough year of covid,” said Junior Kaleb Asmamaw.

The first day of 3 v 3 was on Thursday, March 24th. The first day of the event was bracket play and placed the teams for the tournament on Thursday, March 31st. There was a great turnout of players and everyone had a great time. All teams played hard and at the end of the night, the staff team took home the win.

“There were good vibes all around, and everyone could feel it,” said Kaur.

March Madness was a success and it brought the school together in ways people haven’t seen in a while. The long month of March was turned into an unforgettable month.