A Tour of Ms. Marquardt’s Classroom

And the Inspirational Symbols of Adventure


Picture of painted map, painted by Katrina Golonko

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

A classroom can hold a lot of interesting stories and personalities, but one of them that has caught a lot of attention is a math teacher who has been working here for 20 years, Ms. Marquardt. She started to decorate her room during the winter break of 2016.

“I wanted to start decorating my room during winter break, so when my students came back they would be surprised and it would feel like home to them,” Says Ms. Marquardt.

Her classroom is also inspired by the feeling of home and a comfortable place to learn.

“I spent more hours in my classroom than in my own home, and many students don’t have a home that has pictures they can look at or decorations, so I brought it to them,” She adds.

Map of Africa, created by Kristina Golonko.

She is known to have many fascinating objects around her classroom, with some of them that haven’t been explained with their backstories yet. One of them is the colorful map in the back of her classroom, made by a class of 2018 Mariner graduate, Kristina Golonko, it was made to inspire students of going out and traveling the world and the beauty of it. Kristina also made the map with red tags on it, which represents the places Ms. Marquardt has been to, and the green areas on the map are places she hasn’t gone or wants to go to.

More eye-catching symbols in her classroom are the dolls on the shelves.

“The room is really big, and the first thing I noticed were the dolls,” Ella Clark, a freshman at Mariner says.

These dolls are actually a lot more important and have so much meaning than what some people would think while first visiting the classroom. They are called Hearts For Hearts Girls and they are based on girls from around the world, as well as their cultures and backgrounds.

One of the Hearts For Hearts Girls, Shola from Afghanistan

“So many kids are intrigued by the dolls, but I keep them as a reminder to tell students that some children don’t have the best education from where they live, and encourage them to try their best,” Marquardt says.

You may also wonder what the pictures of students mean, they were created on the Day Of The Girl and Ms. Marquardt’s friend was the photographer for each of them. The girls who signed up got pictures of them with their cultural attire, the students also got to take the pictures of themselves home with them.

The billboard with pictures, outlined with flags.

In addition to the many interesting objects, there is a billboard near the corner of Ms. Marquardt’s classroom, which is lined with all of the flags that represent places she has been to, and the blank ones at the bottom represent the places she wants to go to.

Ms. Marquardt continues to collect and decorate objects for her classroom to inspire and be shared with her students!

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