Mariner Boys Basketball Season Comes To An End


Mariner player driving down for a layup.

Miguel Hernandez (He,Him), Advertising Specialist


On 3/2/22, the Mariner boys basketball team played in the first round of the State playoff tournament against Olympia High School. The game started off with the first points being made by #54 from Olympia, a three-point shot. Mariner quickly answered back with a two-point layup made by #22 Naser Motley.

The game was mostly controlled by Olympia as at the end of the 1st quarter the score was 12-11 Olympia. The second quarter was devasting for Mariner as they didn’t score many points, only scoring 4 points and Olympia 14 points, ending the half 26-15.

At the start of the second half, the Marauder came out hot scoring 18 points over Olympia’s 10 points, ending the 3rd quarter 36-33, making it a closer game than it was before the second half. During the 4th quarter, the Marauders, unfortunately, couldn’t score enough points to come up with the win, as they only scored 8 points compared to Olympia’s 14. The final score of the game was 50-41, making Olympia the winner of the game.

That night of 3/2/22 wasn’t the only thing the Marauders lost as one of the rooter busses for Mariners fans lost a student in. The bus left the game as and quickly students realized that there was a student missing as they saw he had left his stuff behind on the bus. Mariner staff quickly had to turn the bus around to the Tacoma Dome to find the missing student.

Unfortunately, after looking for over an hour they couldn’t find the missing student. Staff later found out that the student had left the game early without letting anyone know but, is now safe and no longer missing.

“It was so hectic and we had to wait hours before we left home,” says Victoria Hernandez, a Mariner student on the bus that lost the student. “We were on the way home when some students noticed there was a missing student that left his stuff behind, there was a lot of chaos trying to return back to the Tacoma Dome to look for them, but when we returned they couldn’t find him, but the teachers found out that the kid had left early on his own without telling anyone”

The Mariner boys basketball team had an incredible season. Although they had a short playoff run in the first round of the state playoffs, they still accomplished a lot throughout the season. They won the annual Stinky shoe game against their rivals, the Kamiak Knights, made it to the State playoffs, and won 4A Wesco for the first time since 2003. These promising achievements shine a bright light for the future of the Mariner Basketball program and hopefully, they can accomplish even more in the upcoming years.