Mariners MLK Assembly


Students perform traditional Vietnamese dance at MLK Assembly

Hassan Al-Ghazali (He, Him), Staffer

Mariners MLK assembly took place on February 10th weeks after MLK day. Although the assembly is late it’s the first one Mariner has had in-person since 2020. In the time since Covid started, we only had 1 other assembly which was a virtual assembly. The assembly did have a slight mishap and there was and glitch with the guitar piece. Besides that, it went pretty well and the MLK assembly should hopefully mark the start of more in-person assemblies for the school.

“We were going to do it completely virtual but, we got the okay from the district to allow the seniors to attend it,” said De La Cruz Auliilani. Although she is a math and elective teacher when she started doing Mesa she was handed the baton for the MLK assembly and leads it. Assembly’s are usually taken care of by ASB Leadership however she is the only one to specifically run the MLK assembly. She said that the MLK assembly was first because it happened to work out like that and that earlier in the year they were had stricter guidelines.

MLK assembly preparation starts as early as November so that students can audition in December and give them the theme of the assembly activities in time for MLK day in January. The assembly was pushed to February due to Covid it still turned out pretty well and was streamed live to a majority of the school as well as other middle and elementary schools.

“Only seniors could attend to maintain social distancing and reduce numbers however, there were some juniors present,” said De La Cruz. She also mentioned that she isn’t in charge of attendance and that it could be leadership. Although there was a delay and there were some challenges with the MLK assembly it went well for Mariners’ first in-person assembly. De La Cruz said that she hopes next year will be fully in-person assemblies.