Covid’s Effect on Horticulture Club

The tragedy of their plants and garden.


One of Mariners Greenhouses.

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

There are many clubs here at Mariner, but one that might be a mystery to some is the Horticulture club. Horticulture means the practice of garden cultivation and management, Mrs.Angelos has been advising this club for over 8 years with Mr. Angelos and revived the greenhouses from being storage units, to being filled with life. A similar class related to this is the class of Botany, which also is a scientific study of plants, but it looks more into the fungi and bacteria of the plants. Horticulture club is an important club to consider joining because it can provide you with lifelong skills like patience, foods to improve your diet, and informational facts about plants and nature. Horticulture club started in 2014 and is still being in use, various types of plants are growing in the oldest greenhouse which is in use all year long, it holds cacti and other types of succulents.

But due to the impact of Covid, it has taken a toll on the Horticulture club and its plants, Mrs. Angelos who works in the science department says, “Covid effected horticulture club dramatically, and a lot of our plants didn’t survive from the inactivity,”

This also affected the number of students joining the Horticulture club, since a lot of them graduated or are currently doing online school.

Thankfully, we’re able to save the greenhouses and continue the horticulture club safely throughout the pandemic. There have also been hopes to start a Horticulture class sometime in the next year or two, but currently, it’s a club. It also has had many events, like the spring greenhouse sale that goes through May and June.

If you’re ever interested, check-in with Mrs. Angelos or Mr. Angelos. Horticulture is being held once a month on Wednesdays in the greenhouse.