Mariner Senior Starts Her Own Successful Business


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Sammie Bruton she/her 10th grade, Advertising Manager

Many high school students turn to a minimum wage job to provide pocket money for themselves. High schoolers tend to start with a minimum wage job because it’s a stable source of money. Mariner senior Jaden Gagucas chose to be her boss and start a small business.

Running a small business comes with many responsibilities. Someone that runs a small business would have to be independent and committed. It takes a lot of time, planning, and patience to start a business. Putting yourself out there and getting it up and running can be hard. People who own a business are determined to be successful and prove themselves to everyone that doubts them.

“At first, I had the mindset of ‘running a small business will be fun, how hard can it be?’, but as I furthered my experience of a small business owner, that quickly changed,” said Gagucas.

To have a successful business, Gagucas had to learn how to balance her business with school and sports. Gagucas runs a jewelry business called Fayes Jewelry, which she started as a junior on September 19th, 2020. Her business includes necklaces, earrings, rings, and even jewelry plates. Her business is a way for her to use her great skills and talents. Along with that running, a small business is a great independent source of money.

“The pros of running my own small business would be learning and gaining new skills, not only that but I get to see others wear my jewelry with a smile on their face,” said Gagucas.

Supporting a small business is not only good for the economy but you also gain great customer service and products that have been meaningfully made. Gagucas puts time and effort into hand-making all her jewelry.

“I was excited to order from Fayes Jewelry, it’s very affordable and she makes a cute notecard with your name on it,” said Marisela Godinez, one of Gagucas’s customers.

Running a small business doesn’t happen overnight, for Gagucas, it all started when she wanted to find a way to spend her time during quarantine. The original name of Fayes Jewelry was going to be “Jaden’s Jewelry” but Gagucas thought Faye “clicked better”, Faye being her middle name.

“I came up with the idea of starting a small business because I wanted to express my love for jewelry and accessories,” said Gagucas.

Running a small business takes a lot of time and commitment out of your life. For Gagucas her business has affected her life in ways she didn’t expect. She realized being a small business owner wasn’t easy and she needed to gain new skills to be a successful business owner.

“I learned to manage my time better, build an audience, organize, manage my financials, and communicate,” Gagucas explained. “I applied these skills to my life outside of being a small business owner, which has led me to many accomplishments and opportunities.”

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