Mariner Showcase Was A Success


Tizazu Alemu (He/Him), Senior, staffer

 The Mariner Showcase was held at Mariner High School on January 7, and it showed the many talents that students at the school have. The showcase included performances from the Mariner city dance team, the Kpop dance team, the Fashion Club, and even had a segment for the theater club. Also, the Mariner Cheer team. Although the one part of the night that had the audience the most ecstatic was the teachers’ dance performance. The show happened to raise money for the Mariner City dance boosters. It was a great night filled with plenty of entertainment and good laughs from the audience.

    “I didn’t even know some of these people were in these clubs. It’s fun seeing them perform,” said Armando Ariza. He said he enjoyed the show because it gave him an understanding of his peers he hadn’t had before. 

      The showcase provided the students at Mariner an outlet to show the talents and hobbies they have mastered. 

    The night started with a speech from dance team captain Maliah Mark. When asked what the most challenging part of planning this event was, the Event coordinator Ms.Jones said,” I really didn’t do much; Maliah is the one that put most of this together. She worked hard to make the event happen, and I am proud of her.” Maliah was not only the captain of the dance team, which meant coming up with the dances that were going to be presented and making sure that everyone was ready, but on top of that, she had to make sure the rest of the night went the way it was planned after her performance. She shows what Mariner stands for and expects from their students, leadership!

       After the dance team performed a couple of songs, we were then met with a performance from the Kpop dance team, and they danced with such ferocity and attentiveness it left the crowd in awe. The bass-filled music rang through the speakers while they moved in conjunction with each other, keeping the crowd wondering what their next move would be.

       It felt like an assembly. We hadn’t had one in so long, and it felt nice having an audience to show your work to, said Jones.  

    Moving on the night, just as the Kpop team was finishing up their songs, we then were surprised by the Mcity Dance team once more. They came up and showed out! Mixing different genres of music but still confidently dancing without fear. Their stomps echoed throughout the gym. You heard a shallow cluck, then a louder Thud, and then a thunderous Boom! Their energy radiated throughout the gym to the point where the audience stood up to applaud. 

        The announcers gave prizes to the people who bought the raffle tickets between performances throughout the book. The announcers were entertaining and an underrated part of the show. Even through mishaps and technical difficulties, they kept the crowd entertained and didn’t succumb when it was easy to. 

         Then students from the Theater club did different kinds of improv and included the audience in some of them. Mixing Comedy and still managing to make it difficult gave the audience an entertaining display of talent.

   To close the night, we had a performance from the Mariner cheer team and a big display from the Fashion Club. It showed the creativity the students of Mariner have. The Fashion show had a runway for students to show off the clothes they put together, and some even created their own. Alexis Chavez, one of the people in the fashion show, said, “It felt like I got a taste of what I want to do in the future. And I’m doing it at a young age too. Maybe this is something I could do in the future, you know?”

    Giving students a place where they can explore things that they find interesting outside of school can be immense in them finding their calling after they graduate. These will possibly be another showcase in the near future; come out and support your peers!