Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19


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Zodiac sign capricorn and circle constellations. Vector illustration

Jasmine Seanoa, Social Media Specialist

It’s officially Capricorn season! Congrats to all the amazing Capricorns reading this! Capricorns are extremely hardworking, they are known for being the leaders of the zodiac signs. They have a unique mixture of confidence and humility which can make others feel very comfortable in their presence. Similarities between the other earth signs are their very stable and grounded personalities.

Capricorns are represented by the sea-goat (half-goat, half-fish) The sea-goat symbolizes worldly success. Capricorn gets it’s name from a Greek myth that says the god Pan was transformed into half-goat, half-fish when he dived into the Nile River to escape the giant Typhon. The best careers for a Capricorn are a scientist, computer programmer, business executive, or architect. No matter what, Capricorns will be there for their loved ones. Happy Birthday to anyone born between December 22 and January 19!