Stewarts Coaching Retirement

Stewarts Coaching Retirement

Retired football coach Mark Stewart is a 62-year-old former coach and currently weight training teacher here at Mariner High School. Stewart has coached and taught for 36 years and 8 of them have been here at Mariner. Stewart also previously coached track a while back but not for as long as football.

“I think it’s funny doing it for 36 years it’s just time. Doing it for that long you look up and you’ll know the process the energy, didn’t wanna do it as I did in the past. I absolutely enjoyed every minute and everyone,” said Stewart.

He used to play for the University of Washington and went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings as a linebacker for a couple of years. After going pro for a short time he thought that he should find something to do so he went back over to his hometown high school. There he worked with the coach and eventually thought teaching and coaching would be great. He eventually made his way to Washington and coached for a few schools before coming to Mariner and settling for 8 years.

“Kids are used to you being there, but high school teenagers are resilient and ready to move on. They are used to me but at the same time they’re excited about changes,” said Stewart.

Even though it can be sad for someone to leave something they’ve been in for a while his team and students will be ready for changes. He believes that his retirement won’t negatively affect students since they are strong and ready. Hopefully, students will be excited for new changes and opportunities that can come.

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