Former Mariner Student Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Alicia poses in cap and gown alongside a photo of Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Pratt at Alicia’s baby shower

Yazmin Latino (She/Her), Section Editor (A&E)

Founded in the fall of 1970, Mariner High School continues to evolve and accumulate loads of history. Several past and present students happen to have Mariner in their family history. Whether it is aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, the Marauder bloodline continues to grow! Get this, we even have teachers that have attended Mariner, and are currently teaching!

Mariner High School has been up and running for nearly 52 years. As you can imagine, a lot has changed between now and then, such as the curriculum, rules, administration, and more. As you may already know, several of our current teachers were Mariner students, years ago. The family tree continues to expand.  Having had generations of students attend Mariner, it would be insightful to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on Mariner’s internal history!

Alicia Barajas, 40, mother of 3, is a Mariner graduate of the year 2000. Since her graduation date, Alicia has had children, married, and even bought her very first home in mid-2016! Alicia was the former ASB class president for her freshman, sophomore, and junior class, and was ASB president of the entire school her senior year! It was no secret Alicia was deeply involved in the school! Get this, she was even co-captain of Mariner’s very own soccer team!

“I’d have to say my most memorable moment was when in one of my classes, where we actually paired up with the police station to make a video about driving under the influence. It was recorded as if we were at a party drinking, I was the driver. They even brought a wrecked car from the junkyard that we used as a prop and put me in handcuffs and a jail cell. It almost seemed too real, the cops took it super seriously. I was actually kind of scared but it was super cool to be a part of.”

Alicia’s excitement was beyond imaginable! She was very grateful for Mariner and all of its opportunities. Fun fact: the video was shown at the Evergreen State Fair.

Mariner then, versus now seems to be quite different. As a present senior, I would never imagine the school doing something like this now. Apparently, there are quite a few differences in the current school environment versus the early 2000s. Those include the dress code, student body, teacher-student relationships.

“The dress code was super strict and the school was really ‘cliquey’ at the time. That didn’t stop me, I bounced friend groups on a regular basis. I had a lot of fun, especially with the teachers.

I have so many memorable teachers. Mrs.Pratt, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Metzler, Mrs. Richardson, there has been so many, too many to name. I still remember Mr. Angelos. Is he still there? I remember him being this sarcastic, dry kind of guy but he was always super cool and fun to be around. I got along with all of my teachers, I got to build some pretty cool relationships with them. Some were even at my first born’s baby shower!”

All in all, Alicias high school experience seems to have been some of her most memorable years! Being very involved, having amazing teachers, student body, and more! Evidently, a lot differs then and now. The Mariner family tree continues to grow, the history will continue as well.