The History of Mariner’s Annual Stinky Shoe Game

January 24, 2022


Picture from yearbook staff

The Stinky Shoe competition is the rival game between Mariner and Kamiak’s basketball teams. This annual competition has been happening since 2002. With Covid, the Stinky Shoe hasn’t happened since 2020. This year that changes and the teams will be able to compete for the “Stinky Shoe” again.

The Stinky Shoe competition started when Mr. Griffin came to Mariner. The so-called Stinky Shoe is Griffin’s old basketball shoe that has been spray-painted gold and it’s at least 30 years old. He had taught at other schools that had some sort of big rival game and “knew we had to do something with Kamiak.”

The competition has a series of “points” and whoever gets the most wins the Stinky Shoe. In previous years there have been different ways to get points. In 2008 the competition included a fundraiser and whichever school raised the most money got a point.

This year for the Stinky Shoe, each JV and varsity team that wins their game earns a point. During the boy’s basketball game, they will be a “shoot out” game to determine the last point. The school that wins best 3 out of 5 brings home the stinky shoe. Along with that Kamiak will be hosting the unified Stinky Shoe game.

In 2020 Kamiak won the Stinky Shoe but the Mariner basketball teams are ready to bring the shoe back home. The teams have been working hard and they both have winning records.

The Stinky Shoe has always been a big game and gives students from both schools the opportunity to deck out in school spirit and show support for their school teams. With this being the first Stinky Shoe game in 2 years, it brings a sense of normality to school and excitement.

“I’ve heard a lot about the Stinky Shoe game and I’m really excited we’re having one this year”, said Sophmore Sarah Hasan.

The boys’ Stinky Shoe game was on Friday, February 4th. Not only did the boys basketball team take way the win from Kamiak, but this win placed them as Wesco


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