Student Special Talent of The Week: Larissa Pearson


Freshman, Larissa Pearson

Tationna Russell (she/her) c/o 2024, Chief Editor

This week’s student special talent is brought to you by Larissa Pearson. Larissa started an acting career at the age of 12 and she’s gotten even better at it. Her acting inspiration started when she first saw the tv show Greys Anatomy after seeing Meredith’s Husband pass away.

Larissa thinks that later on or even sooner, her acting career could start, she’s planning on trying out for different acting roles so she can start acting sooner rather than later. Larissa feels as if acting she gets to express the way she feels or gets to feel the emotions and thoughts of the characters. When she gets to practice her acting she feels good about herself.

“Sometimes when I’m acting I feel like I’m in my world, only I can control how I feel about things. When it’s just me in the room only I can create a connection into the emotions I feel when I’m acting” says Larissa. Most days she spends all her time practicing and practicing nonstop so that one day she’ll be recognized by the “famous” directors/actors.

Larissa is going to continue her career with acting and try her hardest to move forward with it. She gets tons of love and support from her friends, family, and her peers, she hopes for nothing but the best for the future.