The Omicron Variant and The Way to Stop It

Daniyal Sundetov (he/they) 9th grade, Artist

Right as the world is starting to go back to its regular state a new variant of the coronavirus is born. The name of it is omicron, there are still many mysteries and misinformation spread around this variant.

The big difference found in this variant compared to others is that omicron is it being more infectious,  Omnicron’s origin is in South Africa where the vaccination rate is at the world’s lowest, due to the inability to access it in the first place. Which made it the perfect ground for a mutation to happen. Even tho the first detected cases were detected in a country with one of the worst vaccination rates, was the reason we know that the vaccine is semi-effective on it.

This variant also has been found to spread at an unimaginable rate in one of the countries with the highest vaccinated countries, Saudi Arabia with an 88 percent vaccination rate still had reports of the omicron variant being detected. The reason why the vaccine didn’t protect us against omicron as well is, the mutation in the virus, that makes the vaccine weaken because of the differences between them. Even though the genetics of the two are similar, they differ too much for the vaccine to work 100% of the time.

That’s why the new booster shot also contains variants of the virus rather than just the original covid-19 variant. It’s required for vaccinated individuals over 12 to wait six months for the vaccine to work best.  Tests were done and we found that already are showing that the booster shot is at least 75% effective at protection against symptomatic omicron.

There have been many discussions on different social media discussing the rumor that the new virus even tho causing sickness is not capable of killing someone. Yet there are 12 deaths recorded on the date of 22 of December 2021. There is a variety of results while looking at those people’s vaccination and medical records. As well as the first death recorded in the US was from reinfection.

Now in January, it is possible for individuals above 12 to get the booster shot and a lot of people are enthusiastic about the new layer of safety the booster shot gives. “I already got my two vaccine doses, but I’m getting the booster shot in a few,” Says Snizhana Nesin, a Freshman

The booster shot was an attempt once again to stop spreading covid as much as we did but now at 1 million detected cases detected a day, We might need to go to more extreme measures like different mask requirements or maybe even another quarantine.