Anxiety and How it Affects Your Mental Health


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Sammie Bruton she/her 10th grade, Advertising Manager

Anxiety is a feeling that many high schoolers have experienced. According to the ¬†National Institutes of Health 1 in 3 teenagers will experience an anxiety disorder. It’s common to feel anxiety over a big test, public speaking, and moving schools but when these feelings of anxiety are constantly affecting someone is when people start to experience severe anxiety.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety include feeling nervous, tense, weak/tired, having difficulty controlling worry, and more. The feeling of anxiety can usually be self detectable and there are many ways to manage anxiety. Reaching out for help is always a big step to help learn coping methods for anxiety. Since anxiety is a feeling many people have felt, sharing experiences can be helpful.

Some ways to manage your anxiety are;

  • talking about it
  • being aware of your feelings
  • breathing exercises
  • limit drug and alcohol use
  • practice mindfulness
  • identify your triggers