Mindfulness and How it Affects Your Mental Health


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Sammie Bruton she/her 10th grade, Advertising Manager

Mindfulness plays a big role in mental health. Practicing mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that allows a person to be fully present and aware of their life and what’s happening around it. 40% of Americans meditate weekly and 35% meditate to reduce stress. Many people use meditation and practice mindfulness as a coping method and a way to feel at peace.

Being involved in mindfulness can improve one’s mental health by clearing the mind and helping people be aware of their surroundings. Starting a journey of mindfulness can be a big and helpful step. Some benefits of mindfulness include sleep improvement, increased positive emotions, stress reduction, and a decrease in anxiety.

It’s been proven that practicing mindfulness for at least 20 minutes a day can help strengthen your mental health. Some ways to practice mindfulness is;

  • Focusing on your breathing
  • Living in the moment
  • Taking walks
  • Clearing your head
  • Putting yourself first
  • Focusing on self-care

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