Behavioral Health and How it Affects your Mental Health


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Sammie Bruton she/her 10th grade, Advertising Manager

Behavioral health is another important asset to mental health. Behavioral health is the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Noticing how someone reacts and their behavior can create a positive mindset and lead to healthy coping methods.

Behavioral health plays a big role in the relationship between behavior and mental health. Having good behavioral health would look like being able to recognize weaknesses and figuring out how to improve. By doing it would help create healthy habits and good relationships.

Some signs and symptoms of poor behavioral health are feelings of fear and anxiety, poor eating habits, bad self-care, and many more. Identifying these symptoms is the first step to having healthier behavioral health. If someone prioritizes their behavior and takes it seriously, it would strengthen their mental health.

Reaching out for help to improve behavioral health can be a big and helpful step. Along with that, there are many ways to individually strengthen behavioral health. Practicing good self-care, working to have a good relationship with food, being physically active, and listening to your body will all help improve your behavior and mental health.

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