Covid’s Impact on Mariner Library

Mariner High School

Mariner High School

Miguel Hernandez (He,Him), Advertising Specialist/Staffer

Mariner High School’s Library has always been a big part of ours school’s history, but due to the recent changes in the last few years with Covid-19, there have been many changes in how the library operates. The library was impacted heavily by Covid’s economic effects, the pandemic shutdown of almost everything around the world, and that included schools, so during quarantine schools had to take on online learning to continue their students’ education. Mariner High School was one of the schools that took on online learning and in this process, the library was in charge of getting students almost all of their materials like, computers, art supplies, cooking supplies, musical instruments, and a lot more.

I asked Ms. Wilson (Mariners Librarian) about the struggles she and the library staff faced during the pandemic, “The biggest challenge involved students being able to get to school with transportation. There were times that I went to students’ homes to pick up or give materials that they needed for school.  The other challenge involved technology support.  I helped students over the phone and by email to log onto their computer or access Schoology.  It was always fun talking to students, but it was difficult to not see their screen.  It was like teaching someone how to drive and not being able to see.” says Ms. Wilson.  The library had a lot of responsibility during the pandemic, and Ms. Wilson said she even walked seventy miles in school just getting students’ materials checked in and in the right place.

Since the end of quarantine schools like Mariner High School have gone back to in-person learning, and that meant a lot of responsibility was going to lay on Mariners library. They were in charge of distributing laptops to each student, and there was lots of work getting students their laptops. I also asked Ms.Wilson about the changes in students’ uses of the library since the pandemic started “Relationships with students are different.  The last two graduating classes were huge users of the library.  I am still getting to know our incoming Freshman and Sophomore classes with names and faces versus last year where I was talking to black Zoom boxes and wondering if someone was on the other side of the screen.  This year students seem to have their heads in their phones and ear pods connected.  I just hope students don’t lose the experience of interacting with others during their high school experience” says Ms.Wilson.

The library was already in charge of distributing materials to students but it’s also been a hassle for them to get materials returned like, library books, textbooks, and even materials from middle schools. I asked Ms.Wilson for her input on the number of materials that are being returned and she said that there is a large volume of materials that still need to be turned in. The library is constantly asking students to please turn in their materials because there is so much that is missing. So if you are one of those students that has some books you haven’t turned in, head to the library and just turn it in.

In the past, the library has been used heavily by students but due to the recent pandemics, that has changed a lot. Hopefully, things will go back to normal and students are more open to using the library as it’s a big part of Mariner. The library is open before school, after school, and during lunch. Although the pandemic has put a lot of responsibility on Mariners Libary it seems like they have it all under control and hope to see more students in the future come in and interact more with the library and use it for a place to come and quietly work.


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