Mariner Student’s Band Debuts Album

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The Yellow Peddled Flowers Logo

The Yellow Peddled Flowers Logo

The classic rock/hard blues band “The Yellow Peddled Flowers,” which includes drummer Daniel Bayles, has released their debut album, “Blooming.” The album contains ten songs spanning 43 minutes and nine seconds and includes catchy riffs, head-banging beats, and impressive guitar solos.

Bayles, a freshman attending Mariner High School, and his bandmates have put in a lot of work into their first album. The band has only been established for several months, with the members meeting in March 2021, yet their passion for music has driven them down the path to success, getting them gigs at restaurants and attention from many. The band has terrific chemistry.

“The first question I asked him was: if you could play any song right now, what would you play? He said Foxy Lady by Jimmy Hendrix. I know that song. I could feel the chemistry as Alex was watching us,” said Bayles.

The Yellow Peddled Flowers perform at Looking Glass Coffee on July 22, 2021.

The Yellow Peddled Flowers was approached by a city council candidate while they were out busking and presented them with a great opportunity to make themselves known.

“David Flynn, who was running for [Snohomish] city council, comes up to us and says, ‘I really love what you guys are doing. You guys remind me of myself when I was your age. I would like to invite you to play at Looking Glass Coffee. It might get you guys a little attention.’ That got me and the guys excited,” said Bayles.

Their first live performance at Looking Glass Coffee in Snohomish, Washington, happened to fall on July 22, which was also Daniel’s parent’s anniversary.

Along with his music, Bayles also ran cross-country for Mariner in the fall. In his freshman season, he showed consistent improvement. Seeming to get faster and faster as the season went by, he looks to be one of Mariner’s top runners next year.

Juggling music with school and sports has been a challenge, but Bayles plans to record a second album with the band.

“Sometimes you’ve got to risk things. I love being with the people on the [cross-country] team, and I want to hang out with them and do sports, which is fine. It’s just going to risk time with family and friends outside of school.”

Lead guitarist and vocalist Mason Fruehauf has some riffs in store, and the band can build off that in their process of recording a second album. The future looks bright for The Yellow Peddled Flowers.