Emotional Health and How it Affects your Mental Health


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One asset to mental health is emotional health and how people think and feel. Emotional health plays a big role in how someone feels mentally and being emotionally unhealthy can lead to a variety of mental illnesses. Being emotionally healthy allows people to work productively and positively manage their emotions.

That being said, emotional health does not make or break how stable one’s mental health is. Someone who can emotionally take care of themselves can still struggle with mental health. Working to build emotional health can improve mental health but not make all the negative thoughts and feelings disappear.

Some signs and symptoms of poor emotional health include poor self-care, social withdrawal, strong feelings of anger and so much more. Being occupied with school and other activities can sometimes make it hard to determine these feelings and if they are valid. It’s important to always know emotions are real and valid and identifying that is a big step of being emotionally healthy.

Although noticing these things about how someone acts, thinks, and behaves is important, it is also important to not self-diagnosis. The article, The Danger of Self-Diagnosis by Srini Pillay M.D, states that “By self-diagnosing, you may be missing something that you cannot see,” only doctors and people who study mental health are classified to diagnosis since they see things from an outside view.

The best thing one can do for their mental health is to reach out for help. Mariner has a counseling staff that is here to help and support everyone. Along with that, there are many hotlines people can reach out to for help, the most common one being the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800 273-8255.

There is a variety of ways to help improve emotional health. Being aware of emotions and feelings can improve mental health because it helps establish that feelings are there and that they’re real.

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