Job and School Management


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Jasmine Seanoa(she/her) 10th Grade, Social Media Specialist

As a high school student, handling school and a job is very hard. I asked MHS Senior, Dimera Shea-Borgman how it is being a working high-schooler.

“As soon as I get home I get dressed for work and I leave and I don’t get back until like 10:30 and stay up until 1;30.”

As you can see, Dimera comes home and goes straight to work, not having much time to do anything but go to school and work.

But there are some perks about having a job in high school, here’s what Dimera had to say about that.

“I have enough money to go and do things when I do have free time.”

Being able to buy your things and be independent is a perk of working as a teen. Having money also allows you to save up for big purchases.

“[I want to get] a car and be able to move out when I graduate,” said Shea-Borgman

Because of COVID, students might have been more available because of online school. Due to the Child Labor Law, exploitation of minors for labor is prohibited so even if students had more time than usual to work, minors from 16 to 17 are only allowed to work 8 hours max per day.

According to Washington Child Labor Laws “Minors who are authorized to work in Washington are subject to restrictions on when they can work, and how many hours they can work.”

So, therefore, students, such as Dimera, have a limited amount of time that they can work. So COVID and students availability did not change how many hours they were given.

Pros and cons of having a job in high school are it can teach you how to budget, money can disappear really fast so having a job can help you learn how to save money. It can also help you learn how to manage a schedule responsibly, for example, balancing a job and studies allows you to create a responsible schedule. Some cons of having a job in high school could be less time with your friends and produce negative feelings about working which can be very unhelpful for more important jobs in the future.

Working in high school can be a struggle but do not forget that there is always a positive side. Earning your own money and becoming independent is just one step further to becoming an adult.