Mariner Graduates Are Now Mariner Staff

After going to school for 4 years at Mariner, some Mariner students decided to return and become Mariner staff/teachers.


Sarah Anderson singing at the 2013 Mariner graduation.

Zaira Valenciano (she/her)12th grade, Staffer

Would you go back to your high school after 4 years of being a student there?

Well, there is a group of staff that graduated at Mariner and decided to come and see Mariner from a different perspective, through staff’s eyes.

The Class of 2013 wasn’t much different from what it is now. Students disliked the cellphone policy, just like they do now, but our C/O 2013 rep Sarah Anderson acknowledges that it was a rule set to provide students safety.

” I understood that there was bullying and cheating going on, and they needed to stop that so I understood that they wanted to put an end to that and it was a rule I was willing to follow,” said Ms. Anderson.  

Although the cellphone policy recently changed to where now students can use their cellphones during passing period and lunch, when cellphones were prohibited current students disliked this rule just like students disliked it in 2013. 

In 2013 Mariner had Comp Fest, which consisted of a contest where all four grade classes competed in. Each class had its color. During the “Stinky Shoe” game, which was a Mariner VS. Kamiak basketball game, each class was assigned a different color. Comp Fest occurred every year during basketball season. 

“ If I could bring something back it would be Comp Fest. Each class was assigned a color, my class was yellow and my sister was orange and the others were pink and green” Ms. Anderson said. 

The Mariner basketball team won the last Stinky Shoe game hosted, and the trophy remains outside of the ASB room. 

Staff and students usually say that they like how united Mariner is, Ms. Anderson’s opinion is not any different. Her favorite thing about Mariner is how welcoming it feels.

“I believe Mariner is like a family, that’s why we call it ‘Mariner City’ because everyone is very united. That is a perspective that hasn’t changed for me from student to staff. It didn’t matter if you were an athlete, in choir, or ASB, you were able to be a part of anything you wanted to be a part of and be accepted in it because that’s how Mariner is.” said Ms. Anderson.

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