Student Special Talent Of The Week: Ana Fiorini


Tationna Russell (she/her) c/o 2024, Editor Chief

This week’s exceptional talent is brought to you by Ana Fiorini. Ana can cup stack within 6 seconds; she’s been able to cup stack since she was 11. Ana has gotten 10x better at cup stacking ever since she took it seriously in 7th grade. She spends most of her time practicing her cup stacking, and it’s a pretty unique talent to have; it’s almost a sport, and if you haven’t tried it, you should!

Ana has tried to beat  William Orrell’s world record (1.863 seconds) multiple times, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to (she still tries to be optimistic about it, though!). With that being said, Ana wants to try and take this seriously by going to the national tournaments; she believes that she has the potential to do so.

“I’m excited to take my cup staking skill higher. I honestly believe that I have the potential to do it. I’ve practiced and practiced several times, so I know that when it comes time to get my stuff together, I’ll succeed,” says MHS Sophmore Ana Fiorini.

Ana is excited to go further with this talent and try beating world records. Her family and friends are excited to see how far she goes and where talent can take her!