The Success of Online Concerts During Quarantine


A picture from Ariana Grande’s concert on Fortnite that was attended by over 12 million people

Daniyal Sundetov (he/they) 9th grade, Artist

During quarantine, a lot of common things we did had to be redone into safer ways. A lot of us had to give up some of the things that brought us joy before. Like going to concerts, since obviously the crowds of music enjoyers singing and screaming their lungs off could be a great place to spread airborne diseases. Because of that a lot of music venues had to close down just for their and others’ safety. Because of this, the concert industry lost over 75 percent of its revenue. So the way they tried combating that drastic decrease in funds, was to find an alternative online, of course, even tho the idea has already been in use been many years prior, the idea got its chance to shine during the quarantine.

The idea of online concerts at the current day, it’s a lot more common for artists and bands to perform on online gaming platforms like Roblox and Fortnite. The more known ones are the BTS concert on Fortnite And Lil Nas X’s Performance on Roblox.

“It was great honestly, the whole thing was so well made and I’m happy because I could see them [BTS] perform live while keeping my family safe,” Said, Mia Li, a Junior

A lot of time a whole event is commonly built around the artist, to promote the artist even further making it a lot more interactive and fun for the attendees of the concert. And a lot of the time people go overboard.

During the Lil Nas X Roblox concert over 33 million individual people were able to stay safe while being in presence of such a major celebrity. After the concert in October of 2020, Roblox made their next goal to host a whole music festival on their platform. And that is exactly what they did, with Roblox EDC collaboration

“This was a HUGE deal for me since I always wanted to attend a music festival,” Said Kylie Breyse, a freshman

EDC Insomniac for this year was moved to Roblox as the first virtual festival hosted on Roblox. The event was hosted with 4.8 million people present at the time. that is 12 times more people than the same event three years prior.

Covid is still such a huge issue worldwide, but things as little as moving online could protect so many lives that otherwise would have been at a huge risk. Many millions of people were able to stay safe because of online concerts.