Coach Of The Week

Coach Nikki Bowlden wants to make a difference


Damaris Castillo Osorio

Coach Nikki Bowlden at varsity girls soccer Senior night/pink out! 10/27/21


This weeks, ‘coach of the week’  is varsity girls soccer coach Nikki Bowlden 


Bowlden grew up in Silver Lake, Wa playing club soccer and has played for 26 years. She went to Jackson High School and was on their soccer team, after that she went to Everett Community College and played there for 2 years, even winning the North West region championships. Unfortunately, she tore her ACL and her meniscus twice preventing her from being able to play anymore. 


When she was in High school she had a bad experience with her coach and she wanted to make sure that she made a difference by giving high school girls an experience that they can remember for the rest of their lives positively. 


“I wanna coach mariner girls soccer because I want to help change the way that people view our team. Currently, it’s negative and many say they are  ‘bad players’. I want to help build the program to compete at a high level, and we’re going that way. I just want to continue being here. I think the diversity here is beautiful and I love it. “ she said. 


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