Weekly Art Spotlight 10/25-10/29

Art Spotlight, featuring Carmela Camara!


@caddoki on Instagram.

Raquel Hart Renander (she/her), Mariner News Section Editor

Carmela Camara makes the art for this week’s artist spotlight!

She is a freshman in Mariner and has been drawing since she was 2, about 13 years. Her drawing made in Ibs paint x is inspired by a character named Klee, who is also from the open-world game Genshin Impact; it took about 101 hours to complete (about four days).

“[My inspirations are] artists like my friends around me, or from shows and games,” Camara says. Her favorite art genre used to be cartoony, but now she is starting to draw more anime-based art. The cartoon-styled illustrations became popular in the 19th century, and they are still gaining popularity since then. But it began in the Punch magazine from 1843, a British weekly magazine of humor and satire. Cartoon illustrations were also most commonly used in newspapers for comic strips.

Carmela continues to make fun and amazing art inspired by anime and sometimes cartoons!