Student Special Talent Of The Week: Sahvanna Patterson


This week’s student special talent is brought to you by Sahvanna Patterson. Sahvanna can sing with her mouth closed (yes, her mouth is closed!). She’s been able to sing with her mouth closed since she was about 10. All her friends and family enjoy her talent because it’s very amusing to them, especially since she’s been practicing even more now!

With that being said, Sahvanna has also decided to practice singing with her actual voice. Sahvanna has a pretty unique talent, especially since it’s not as common as you think it is! Her inspiration to start singing with her mouth closed was from Jessie J when she sang “Bang Bang” in 2015.

“I feel like being able to sing with my mouth closed is a good talent just because it’s unique, and it takes a lot of patience and talent to accomplish something like that. As long as you try and have the patience, you’ll be able to have a unique talent like mines,” says MHS sophomore Sahvanna Marie

Sahvanna plans to continue her talent and possibly even go further with it; she may even start singing courses so she can continue with her singing in life even if it doesn’t involve her physically using her voice.